Berry Mojito

Fresh Berries | Fig | Mint


50ml Belgrove Spiced Fig & Blackberry Rum

25ml soda

5 blackberries

5 raspberries

2 teaspoons sugar

2 lime wedges

6 mint leaves

1/2 fresh fig (to garnish)


Add the blackberries, raspberries and sugar to a glass, squeeze in the lime juice, and muddle. Add the mint, then half-fill the glass with crushed ice, add in the Belgrove Spiced Fig & Blackberry Rum, and stir.

Top with crushed ice and soda, then garnish with half a fresh fig.

In This Cocktail

Fig | Blackberry | Honey

Spiced Fig & Blackberry Rum

Oak-barrel ageing ensures the all-natural flavours of ripe fruit and vanilla are perfectly rounded in this delicately spiced rum.

Made with single-origin Demerara rum, hints of cinnamon and honey complement the fig and blackberry notes to create a full-bodied, subtly nuanced spirit.